The setup

I will probably never be called upon to describe my setup. That does not mean I cannot describe it and publish it here, right? So, this is what rocks my boat at the moment.

I left the dark side of computing a few years back (at least in my private life) when I acquired a shiny 13″ MacbookPro. Getting well into the midlife years, but any imminent crisis has been postponed by installing an SSD. Vroom, I say. At work, I use a pimped-out Dell laptop – not the sexiest model, but with SSD and plenty of RAM it is quite efficient. Only it runs Windows, but not much I can do about that. We are, as it is, a Microsoft shop.

Also, I happen to have a Nokia Lumia 920 (issued at work), and an Android tablet.

One of the absolute cornerstones of my setup is Dropbox – easily one of the brightest innovations of recent times. True, there are alternatives, and I have tried a few of them, but so far none of them does the job as transparently and effortlessly as the original. With the set of platforms outlined above, the importance of having Dropbox as a common denominator should be evident. And also Evernote. I would like to use a Simplenote solution – but the stumbling block is that there is no stable client for the Windows Phone.

I use Chrome almost exclusively for my browsing needs. For a variety of reasons – I used to dig Firefox, but got annoyed with the performance and stability. Or the lack thereof.

I mainly use Gmail, and mainly in the browser – except on tablet and phone: they both have great clients. On the other hand, I use DuckDuckGo for search. Chiefly to avoid being tracked – not because I am overly paranoid about surveillance, but because it helps to break out of the bubble that other search engines put you in.

feedly, Flipboard, Pocket, and Evernote provide a set of tools that are just excellent for finding, sifting through, reading, and archiving information – all across platforms.

I love plain text, and I love Markdown, and try to create workflows around this. I use the excellent cross-platform Sublime Text editor, but am starting to use FoldingText – Mac only, though – for certain kinds of writing. FoldingText has build-in todo-functionality, and in Sublime I accomplish the same with PlainTasks. I use nvALT and ResophNotes for shorter text notes (and, ideally, would do this and use Simplenote as a syncing hub. But, alas, the solution does not reach all my devices.) And with Pandoc and XeLaTeX there really is no limitations on where you can take that plain text.

When I do have to venture beyond plain text (and that is not often), I use Nisus Writer Pro or Google Docs. I bought Scrivener, and while I find it to be an absolutely brilliant piece of software, I don’t use it that much for the time being. Perhaps because I don’t really have to write longer pieces at the moment.

A couple of other things: I like MindNode for diagramming ideas; PopClip is a indispensable app for the Mac; I like now-moribund Aperture for my photo-correcting needs; and Spotify for my beats.